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  http://www.haderech.co.il/yozrot7.html - My page in Haderech (hebrew text)
http://hayadan.org.il/columbiaafteryear.html - My paintings  in Hayadan (Hebrew text)
http://www.izkor.mod.gov.il/izkor82.asp?t=44030 - In memory of Arye Kenig,who was really brave (Hebrew text)
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Colourful Magic - Nira Dabush Berkovitz,linked to http://www.niradabush.com
Nira Dabush Berkovitz

The Dove of Peace flies from site to site through as many countries as possible. Please help it make a line around the globe by taking it with you to your site,by giving it to someone for their site, by passing it to another continent,or to conflict areas of the world.
If you take the dove, please download and save it to your hard drive by right clicking on it.
when you sign the guestbook,let me know if you took the Dove of Peace with you,I would like to know where around the world it is flying to.
"Cheers Theme"
Very Special Links...!!!
It can be very enjoyable & joyful "meeting" other people around the world.I met several artists,those virtual "meetings" led to several artworks................ :o)))
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR VISIT TO THEIR SITE,through special pages we made together...

Stephanie Arlee - Splendid Stained- Glass artist - www.niradabush/com/STEPHANIE

Dee Jobes - Splendid photographer & artist - www.links/DEE

Philippe Sainte Laudy - Wonderful photographer- www.niradabush.com/philippe

Bobba Quimba - Great Artist- www.niradabush.com/Bobba

Jennifer Singleton - Great Artist & Poet- www.niradabush.com/jen

Thom Roslan -Great Artist & Graphic Designer-www.niradabush.com/thomR

Eva - Britt Andersson -Great Photographer- www.niradabush.com/eva

Pepita Selles - Great artist- www.niradabush.com/pepita

Peter Rutilquarz-Wonderful artist ,designer & photographer

Gerg Summers- Great Nature's Photographer- www.niradabush.com/greg

Harry Eggens- Great photographer- www.niradabush.com/harry

Pat Abbot- Great photographer- www.niradabush.com/pat

Steven Torrisi - Great Artist- www.niradabush.com/STEVENto
This work of Trish,"represents for me ALOT...The colors...the concept behind is SUPERB! I was looking through my mind of a way ,to express similar emotions...U Trish, did it for me without knowing me..." Thank u!!!
"Torn " -Patricia Laffrenere,2004
Jhon Jarrell,wonderful creative photogragher of nature...and much more,a very pleasant person and a friend of mine.
Contemporary Art, By Izabella Pavlushko & Nikolay Pavlushko - Impressive and most BEAUTIFUL Art.
To View my portfolio, on line. My ArtWanted Page you can click the image below .
My portfolio on line, where you can purchase ART printed products of my artworks.