NIRA DABUSH BERKOVITZ - Gallery of Hooked Rugs
Colourful Magic
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Life Tropical - Hooked Rug , about 157 CM x 97 CM . 2005
The Swaledales Hooked Rug. 90 CM X 100 CM. 2002
Sunflower Diameter 40 CM . 2003
Tropical Fish , Hooked Rug, about 90cm x 150 cm. 2004
Macaws, Hooked Rugs, 90 CM X 240 CM , 2004
Sumsum sitting on my rug. Scanned photo, taken 2003.
Sumsum inside the frame, I use to make my Hooked Rugs. Scanned photo, taken 2003.
To view more photos of the materials for Hooked Rugs and my cats enjoying the process of making a rug :-)...Please click this link .