Nira Dabush Berkovitz For Peter Rutilquarz - Artist,Designer & Photographer
Only one hour difference in time ...One finger on the world map...And 27 years.
While viewing Peter's artworks on the internet,I felt we have a lot in common:The love for colours,The subjects we both deal with in our creative works...AND the way we both look at things,from very close,or at the whole picture,from distance.
One day, after I saw a photo of Peter's view from his balcony, I asked Peter,to make us virtual neighbours.I send him several photos of my view from my appartement and the studio view from the upper's floor.AND...this is what he made...
The view of my studio garden from the upper floor,Israel
Peter's view from his balcony,Italy
The beautiful plants in the flowerpots is Peter's  collection...BUT It looks the same as ours...Perhaps ours were imported from Italy...At least the flowerpots...
Peter,by the way says, he buys peanuts and grapefruits from Israel...
"really very good",there is also a photo to prove it...
AND THEN...I told Peter, I LOVE the photomontage he made of our shared view as neighbours,and since we are neigbours ,perhaps we come to visit each other...SO.........he made another photomontage of me visiting his balcony.   
Nira at Peter's Balcony- By Peter Rutilquartz,computer Digital,2004
Link to Peter Rutilquarz site :
ART Discussions over the net - By Peter Rutilquarz,Computer/Digital ,2004
Shared View - By Peter Rutilquartz,Computer/Digital,2004
One afternnon,I received this STUNNING photo,of those "pretty autumn leafs",very fresh,by mail,from Peter.Excited by the beauty of these leafs ,I knew immidiately,it should be a design /painring. -Autumn leafs,Photograph by Peter Rutilquartz-2004
Mimosa Gigante,Photograph by Peter Rutilquartz-2004
...inspired by Peter Rutilquartz photos ,I made this design/painting-
colourful Leafs by Nira-mixed media-Watercolor +Gouache,70 cm x 100 cm- 2004
Maggio Rosa Bellissima ,By Peter Rutilquartz- Digital Photomontage -2004
All the above photos and artworks -Copyrights (c) 2004,Peter Rutilquartz.All rights reserved
Copyrights (c) 2004,Nira Dabush Berkovitz.All rights reserved
Peter's photo - Trumpet Flowers , 2004
Inspired by Peter's photo ,I made, Peter's Trumpets ,Oil on Canvas ,50 cm x 70 cm,2005