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As a fine artist & a textile designer, I enjoy the creativity in several medias, as can be seen in my web - site.       
  In 2002 I searched for additional art forms , in order to develop my ART and myself as fine artist. At the same time I wished to use textile, as a new art form for my ART, in order to create something that is  " NEW "  for me, and also to  others.         I chose to create Fine Art using  Felt Making, an ancient art form, which was used and still,  for textile products as well.
Searching the roots,  in order to create NEW.

For me personally, Fine Art can inspire my Textile Design, and vice versa ...My Designs inspired my Fine Art. Like nourishing relationship between art & design, undoubtely for me both are interlocked in one another.
I see myself as a fine artist who uses, Felt making as another medium to create.

In 2002, I went to England to study the Felt Making, that for me ,was new.
I create my Felt pictures using very fine coloured Marino Wool tops. Using several layers of wool to create depth and textures. The outcome is very original , exciting and pleasing to the eyes.
I use the Marino fibers , to create my Felt pictures, the same as I use  paint to create my Fine art.
I combine my Fine Art knowledge with my Felt skills.
The process of Felt Making can be very relaxing , at the main part. After arranging the layers of fibers in composition , it must be united to one piece of Felt by using strong pressure.
I found that the more layers I use, less details will stay through the process.
Even though I have superb skills in this technique of Felt making, I'm aware of the fact that during the process , some of the fibers might move, and create a surprise at the end result ...This fact add to my pleasure, and understanding of this medium. Some of the effects will be spontaneous .

My inspiration for my Felt Making  artworks comes usually from Nature. I t seems to me only natural,  to use this wonderful natural Wool fibers  to create nature scenery. Of course, Felt Making can be used for any kind of inspiring subjects.
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With Love :inside painting , Felt making, about 35 x 45 cm (  100% wool  ).  2004.
Photoshop framed...
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