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Colourful Magic
                                                           Since 1988
About 19 years of experience behind me, offering modernistic, contemporary textile designs for Fashion or interior.
Textile designs painted on Paper or Silk,  demonstrate innovation & beauty. Using variety of handpainting techniques or mixing it with computer different abilities. Based on international trends , for different seasons.
Textile designs for Printed fabrics, or Jackards.
Specializing in sweamwear and active sports wear.
My work considered as very diverse,  as can be seen also in my web - site.
My designs are usually  colourful, in various ways.

Using for inpiration,  for my designs : International forcasts,  traditional designs,Nature,  Photography mine or others, ART & Design, Music, emotions and much more.
I own wide collection of Art and Design books & magazines from all around the world. As well as I use internet information ,or libraries.

To view more examples of my work , please view these two links below :
Textile Designs painted on Silk
Textile Designs painted on Paper
Textile Designs - Designed specially for RAMETEX DESIGN
Myself exhibiting at the indigo, Paris

For additional information of the process, please click this link
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