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                                   Nira Dabush, For : Stephanie Atlee- Artist- USA              Colourful Magic
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Dear Stephanie
Thanks so much for giving me the pleasure of these artworks inspired by myself.
Keep up the GREAT work. Bring the world joy with your ART.
Link to Stephanie Atlee's art

Photo of myself, taken by chance, while there was wind in my eYeS, and my hair kind of  went into my eYeS ... And this was the surprising, spontanious result... not planned. 2005.
This photo was the inspiration for the artist, Stephanie Atlee to make 2 artworks, below.
Nira DaBush, by , Stephanie Atlee . Stained Glass Pattern, inspired by the upper photo of myself. 2005.
Nira DaBush, by , Stephanie Atlee . Stained Glass inspired by my photo.  2005.