Nira Dabush for Steven Torrisi - Artist - USA
Steven to me : " While you were away, I was going through your portfolio and came across a picture of your mom's wedding portrait. In the commentary, You offered anyone who would like to draw her, to do so.
I gave it a try. "
My mother , Hadassa. Photo taken at my parents wedding. September, 6, 1962.
The portrait of my mother , Hadassa. Drawing by Steven Torrisi. 2007.
Steven Torrisi is an expressive artist, who has his own most unique style of drawing. His dramatic energy can be felt, usually in strong powerful manner  through his ART.
He  works now as a painter in coffeehouses. In the area of Living Stone, East Hanover. New Jersey.
Steven is a wonderful friend, and has a great  insightful creative look into ART.
Dear Steven... Thank you so very much, for being my friend in ART.
You made a very special surprise for me, and no less to my mother, when you send this drawing to me.
It was SPLENDID to get it.
I wish you joy & success in the continuation of your artistic life. 

Best of LUCK ! Your friend, Nira.
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