Nira Dabush Berkovitz for - Greg Summers,Photographer,Colorado
Gerg Summers,Nature's fine artist photographer .A real perfectionist,who shows tremendous amount of sensitivity,to the beauty of nature through his works.I find some of his photos really thrilling and inspiring to me.
Flowers & Flatirons,Photograph by Greg Summers - 2004
So...inspired by Greg's photo I made...
Greg's Flatrions,by Nira Dabush B. -Feltmaking (a part of the piece) about 40 cm x 50 cm - 2004
And...Springtime - By Nira Dabush B. - Computer/digital,2004
Then ,one day I saw Greg's photos of Iris which remind me of several  textile designs I made of Irises painted on silk.......I decided to try , combine my Irises painted on silk with the Flatirons Flower's inspirations.
Dancing with Irises -Mixed Media,Computer/Digital,by Nira Dabush B.- 2004 (title inspired by Greg)
And another version...considering the cold weather and the SNOW ,
in Boulder,Colorado,during winter.
Dreamy Irises,by Nira Dabush Berkovitz Mixed Media,Computer/Digital,2004
The photo above - Copyrights (c) Greg Summers,2004.All rights reserved
All above -Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush Berkovitz, 2004. All rights reserved.
Thank you so much, Greg for the inspiration,
for your poem  & for  friendship
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To Nira :
Nine hours seems like a long time
just the other side of night
half way around the planet
it's turning to day and light
the air is still
the air is cool as Boulder falls asleep
and in my prayers and in my dreams
may you in safety keep

may your children laugh
may you be filled with gentle winds
the softest bluest skies
may you remember a song
and the way it felt
to move your feet by chance
may the rhythms of your thought
move your heart to dance
From Greg.