Life is creation full of endless possibilities, which are infact derived from inspiration of life itself.   If we look closely, listen, absorb, think, examine, process the data in our minds - we can create .
The more we create, the more we are inspired to create, to live life of fulfillment.
Thought in one area spark creativity in other areas.  All that remain is for us to choose possibilities most suitable for ourselves. Sometimes the choice can be somewhat easy, other times it can be as difficult as pangs of childbirth.
Sources of inspiration as I mentioned, are endless. Nature to my mind, is the most wonderful and facinating creation of all, as it is to many of us. From it, I take pleasure, I am filled with admiration, and I absorb it all inside myself, process it, and from the inspiration I get, I create. I draw inspiration for my creativity also from various artists, design areas, music, my feelings, and even from my dreams.
Flashes of pictures from my childhood from the 70's occasionally appear and form apart of my inspiration for different pieces.
The apartment in Ramat - Gan, Israel of average size, very decorative, in which I grew. Everything blends in so well and colours match perfectly.  In the entrance way to trhe apartment, a low mosaic table, made by my father, Aaharon.  Above which sits an aquarium, beside, which is a decorative metal partition,also hand made by my father... with geometric motifs consisting of squares, of circles inlaid in coloured Hebron glass, in shades of Green, deep Blue, Oker, Brown & Turquoise.

In the lounge, a table of wooden legs, and tabletop inlaid with Green Glass... Above which is a rich lampshade, handcrafted with lots of pieces of glass in shades of Green & Yellow with small patches of Brown. Sofas in shades of Brick - Red next to an oriental carpet, Bordeaux & Oker. Greenish textural wall paper next to other circles patterned wall paper, in Orange & Brown. In the entrance hall, a decorative wooden wall, against which stood a piano, above which was a designed napkin, a clock and some decorative items. Wooden images and lots of decorations.

On the walls, were original pictures, which were always bought from artists and auctions.
Lounge, which was extended onto the balcony, into which Green windows were fitted, ceramic window boxes in Green & Yellow and Red Geraniums popping out. In the extended part of the lounge a large, round dark Brown wooden table was placed, and around it six velvet - cushined chairs speckled with Orange, Green & Brown, above which was an Orange lampshade whose height could be adjusted.
The magical musical jewellery box from the far east, which my mother recieved the day, I was born.  A box, I very much loved rummaging around it, the drawers of which, I would turn over, and if I could, I would pull apart an old useless item and make into something else.  In the base of the same magical box was a spring, which when wound up, the two doors opened, music was heard, and a small dancing doll reflected in Seven mirrors, danced like eight dancers.
The cloths... My mother would customarily sew for hobby.  I remember accompanying her for years, to the same shops to help her choose cloth.  Left - over cloth would be passed on to me, from which I made clothes for my dolls, and after on, I also stitched them up to make stuffed dolls.

Sounds...Those sounds and also wrong notes, that resounded from various musical instruments, as from our stereo player.

Smells and rich selection of dishes that came from the kitchen.
All these and more reside in me and penetrate my work from time to time.

Through my work, I see myself making a decorative statement. Through my works,  I express the small pleasures in my life, in this world.  By making, I got a lot of pleasure, as should the beholder of my works. The pleasure of the beholder is an adding bonus for ME.