Nira Dabush Berkovitz, for Harry Eggens - Photographer - HOLLAND
I met Harry Eggens , while commenting his photos in the internet. I find Harry  one of the Greatest photographers in the world. His photos are exciting and amazing, to my personal opinion.
On Jan, 23 , 05 He posted a photo of Attacus Atlas and I commented :" This photo of yours is definitely what I do in some of my artworks...I have at least two books for inspiration, this photo of yours, is much better then any of my books...INSPIRING!!!
And he replied by a question..." So will I see an artwork of yours inspired by my Attacus Atlas ? "
And...I said... :" YES..One day, it will be an artwork of mine...not sure when.. :-)..."
The Man Behind his lens... - Computer / Digital by Nira Dabush , 2005
Attacus Atlas - Photograph by Harry Eggens , 2005
Inspired By Harry Eggens's photo , I made this artwork - I did it my way , Felt Making ,
55cm x 85cm , 2005
Life Tropical , Hooked Rug , 157cm x 97cm , 2005, By Nira Dabush - Exhibited at the Florence Biennale Dec, 2005.
Thanks so much , Harry for the inspiration & friendship.
Link to Harry's web - site :
Copyrights ( C ) photo Harry Eggens
Copyrights ( C )  Nira Dabush