NIRA DABUSH BERKOVITZ - Material for Hooked Rugs & My Cats - Photos
Colourful Magic
The process of making Hooked Rug , starts with painting a sketch. After I painted the sketch on the fabric - I will later use as the base of my Rug , I start to prepare my materials. That means, search for the right fabrics, mostly I'll use 100% Wool fabrics, some recycled, others new. Usually I'll dye myself fabrics, so that I'll have all kinds of shades of colours that I need for my rugs. Other use of fabrics from all kinds of materials, I use for effects purpose.
After I have my selection of fabrics, for the rug. I'll cut the fabric into ribbons, stripes of material.
These stripes of fabric will be used to make the Hooked Rug, using  special Hooks and a Frame.

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After the fabrics are dried..... are being cut to stripes...In the photo below , you can view one of my tables - work & my very special assitant Silk,my cat :-)
Ribbons of Greens, 100% Wool fabrics,which were dyed and being cut by myself for the use in a Rug.
My cat Silk inside a frame, enjoying the warm atmosphere of the Hooked Rug process.
Photo taken in 2005
Silk my cat on my table - work having fun with stripes of Wools. Photo taken 2005.
Silk my cat on the sofa having fun with stripes of Wools. Photo taken 2005.
Ribbons of fabrics. Photo taken in 2005