Fine art by, Nira Dabush - Gallery of Artworks :  2010         
Colourful Magic
Series 1 : Deeped in Colour
This group of artworks inspired by  photographers of the world, such as : Philippe Sainte - Laudy (France), Joost Tielemans ( Belgium), & Peter Rutilquarz ( Italy ). Sigridur Bachmann (Iceland ).
Red Autumn Touches the Blues. Inspired by Judo. 60CM X 80CM. Paints on Fabric. 2010.
Field of Colour. Inspired by unknown photographer..60CM X 80CM.
Paints on Fabric. 2010.
Spots of Autumn Colours. Inspired by Philippe Sainte- Laudy. 60CM X 80CM.
Paints on Fabric. 2010.
Colourful fields of Cresantemot. Inspired by Peter Rutilquarz. 60CM X 80CM.
Paints on Fabric. 2010.
Imaginative Landscape. Inspired by Joost Tielemans. 50CM X 70CM.
Cats on the Roof. Inspiration came by mail from Peter . 30CM X 40CM.
Acrylic. 2010.
Sky, Mountains, Water & Geometrical structurs. Inspired by Sigridur Bachmann. Mixed Media.
50CM X 70CM.
Yellowish Energy.  25CM X 25CM.
Acrylic. 2010.
Nature's Expression.  Acrylic.
25CM X 25CM. 2010.
Series 2 : Nature Energy
This group of artworks inspired by  my own photography.
As One.  Acrylics. 50CM X 50CM.
The Blessing of Waterlilies. A series of 4. Oil on Canvas.
10CM X 10CM. Acrylic. 2010
Light Speed of LIFE. Inspired by the song : "Speed of Sound ", by COLDPLAY.
50CM X 70CM..Acrylic. 2010.
Interlocked Souls - Eternity.  35CM X 24CM.
Watercolour. 2010.
Irony of Fate.  35CM X 24CM.
Watercolour. 2010.
Confirmation of Cupid.  35CM X 24CM.
Acrylic. 2010.
Series 3 : Rhythm : FIRE TO LIFE.
This group of artworks inspired by  Music.
Series 4: Emotions.
This group of artworks express emotions.. Feelings.
FRAGILE, inspired by STING. Mixed Media. 2010.
Optimiut, inspired by unknown photographer .
35CM X 50CM.
Watercolour. 2010.
For You, My Friend. Inspired by Liliana Fernandez, Chile . 30CM X 40CM.
Watercolour. 2010.
Series 5: Dreams
Inspired by my dreams.
To Dream of a Tree. Hand Paintied on Silk.
60CM X 80CM. 2010.
Blooming in Water.  Watercolour. 24CM X 30CM.
Getting Wild.  Acrylics. 25CM X 35CM.
Wild Life of Nature in Water.  Oil.  3 Pieces each : 35CM X 65CM.
Reflecting Calmness.  Oil on Canvas.
100CM X 70CM. 2010.