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C O L O U R F U L    M A G I C
Gallery of paintings
My cats Sumsum,Sirena and Keeyoto the dog
Oil on canvas-100 cm x 140 cm-2001
Heather's dogs
Acrylic on canvas-25 cm x 35 cm-2003
Farwell,Sumsum sweetie...
Oil on canvas 35 cm x 25 cm-2003
A cat in the garden
Oil on canvas-58 cm x 49 cm -2002
Cats in Barak's garden
Oil on canvas -35 cm x 25 cm -2002
Tulips and Irises
Oil on canvas 100 cm x 70 cm-2002
More paintings
In memory of the Columbia-more paintings
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Cats in Rome , a present for my father
Acrylic on a wooden box -10 cm x 15 cm -2003
"Phil Collins-Another Day In Paradise"
Boie visiting Heather's guest room ...
Acrylic on Canvas 50 cm x 70 cm -2004
Boie my parent's cat sitting at her special chair
Oil on Canvas 35 cm x 45 cm - 2003
Air observer at zichron
Oil on Canvas 100 cm x 70 cm -2003
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Home page painting
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