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Hello & Welcome to my website
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Nira Dabush Berkovitz
C O L O U R F U L    M A G I C -   Since 2003
About This Site
I started to build my own  official web - site in 2002/3, as my main  " Virtual Gallery ", on the net. Where, I can   exhibite my Fine Art & Textile Design in a virtual way in front of the all world..
I called my web- site : C O L O U R F U L    M A G I C, the same as, I named  my studio.
People find MAGIC in my artworks...
For me, much more then magic, it is all about methodical   hard work, constantly. With STRONG belief , will power, determination & motivation ... Faith in my all doing.

The FINE base for excellent designer, is the ability to draw and paint. 
For Me... Painting and Designing united to ONE, in heart.
In this site, I bring    -  " MY WORLD OF CREATIONS "  Which consist of creating in many fields, such as : Textile Design, Painting, felt making, hooked rugs, photography, Digital art... One field of creation inspired & fertilize the other.
Just a bit more will come very soon... So please stay tuned   ! ... :-)
Giclee Prints are now available as limited adition , please view my page : ART - 2008.  At the Bottom of the page.
Approching One Another. Inspired by a photo of unknown photographer.  35CM X 50CM. Acrylic on Canvas. 2011
A selection of  Nine Parts of  Textile Designs. From  several different collections.  Board designed for internet. Mixed Media.  2011.
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