Colourful Magic - More information, About the Process
If you wish to order a textile design, for fabric, or  paper, exclusively designed for your company, please contact me via e.mail.
Send me details about which firm / company you represnt, your web - site. 
I would like to know few relevant details, which will help me design for you , in the best suitable way for your company.
Details such as :
Which kind of market your products sold to ?
The country ?
Fashion or interiors ?
Which season ?
Number of designs required ?
Dates ?
Which kind of fabric, you're going to print the design ?
The design directions provided by yourself...

Please contact me with these , or other relevant directions, so I can start work on your project.
I'll e.mail you back with my ideas or sketches...
As soon as I have your feedback we can continue to work to final result - the design.
After I finished my design, I will show it to you, in a small scale format,  as well as I will send a
Zoomed - In version...That way you can have impression of the full scale design.
The original design will be send via e.mail, or post office, after the payment was done.

Thank you for your interset to work with me.
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