Nira Dabush Berkovitz for Formula, Israel
Celebrating Israeli Burse Stock Exchange, 70'S BIRTHDAY.

Meeting the bulls at the Hangar in Tel - Aviv,Nov 2005
A design for the Formula's bull,made by myself.mixed media,painted on paper,2005
At the process of painting the bull,MYSELF :-) , at the Hangar,Nov,05
The bull,at the process of work,at the Hangar,Tel - Aviv,Israel
Myself painting the bull at the Hangar,November  05
Close up ,my hand,painting...........Nov, 05
Bull's parade ,center of Tel - Aviv...a lot of visitors..including myself and my family.All ages...enjoy this FANTASTIC parade of Bulls,People like to feel,to look...a lot of SMILES...All over this long boulevard.
Myself in a Floral Yellow sweater.
Yarin ,my son riding "Parabulla" my bull,feels VERY PROUD...! Decmber 05
At the opening,people goes by "parabulla" - November,30,05
A certificate givven to me by the Israeli Burse,for participating in this project .
My Bull as part as , the exhibition's catalogue,06
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