The Artist  - Nira Dabush Berkovitz
Colourful Magic
From My Diary of Voyage
April, 22, 2009
From the Voyage of my life.
The riddle of my life is ME.
At one stage of her life, perhaps the middle of her life... Reflecting her life.
By chance or maybe not by chance.. Because she believes NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE...
A woman at her 40's navigates her virtual life at art- sites - First for the link.
Internet life is new to her, and so stunned with it's possibilities, she studies this media & her way through it.
She tests perhaps diffrent realities and " realities ", friendships & concepts.
She travels at Syber Space, as part of the journey of her life.
She meets, she influences, and get influenced... inspire others, as she inspired by others.
Yes, she learn A LOT... She's growing her own way, questiong her life.
Yet, There's so much more to learn at outside world...
She mourns od dreams, that shattered to pieces...
And goes to NEW ones...
Some dreams were not even real dreams...
Perhaps were never meant to be, the way she wish it to be.
Life at times must be designed for a purpose.
Unnecessary details, which might block the sight from seeing correct, should be removed, to let easier travel.
No one can show her, her way, but herself.
Because LIFE can be mysterious.. contains riddle of one kind or another.
Time to go on... WITH EYES OPEN,
The continuation of the voyage is CALLING...