Branching out - Computer / Digital. 2008.
To branch out with creation... Because inspiration is endless.
Creation is my WAY OF LIFE,
To Light Your Heart With Natural Flames ... ! ~ Computer / Digital. 2008
To Light Your Heart With Natural Flames ... ! ~ Framed.
Branching out - Computer / Digital. As a card.  2008.
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Branching Out , By Nira Dabush
HONESTY. Computer / digital work. 2008
HONESTY is THE QUALITY, I admire most in people relationships...
All kinds of relationships.
For ME, personally, It's the first basic truth of what relationship is built of.
Be able to be honest, is actually being able to trust the other in sharing your own truth.
HONESTY & OPENNESS goes together as I sEE it.
Ask yourself how much honesty there's around you... ?
Do you like,  honesty of other people ... ?
Do you find yourself an honest person... ?
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