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     Fine art by, Nira Dabush - From the Gallery of Artworks :  2008          Colourful Magic
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Creating the Natural Scenery. Watercolours . 30 CM X 40 CM. 2008
Creating the Natural Scenery. Digitally framed. Watercolours . 30 CM X 40 CM. 2008
Nature has it's own sense of LOGIC, TIMING & NEEDS.
The seeds must be planted at the right time of year. In oder to achieve it's maximum potential at the most suitable optimal atmosphere & conditions; Such as climate , lighting, water & more...
Each plant will bloom at the right timimng, to bring it's BEAUTY& fruits in it's BEST.
It will give leafs or shadows, at the right time, naturally. We shall enjoy the life picture of nature, in so many ways, changing all the time. And then... at the suitable time, the leafs may change their shapes, texture, or colours and might leave the plant, to unite with mother earth.
A new cycle may start all over again... Step by step, as nature changes constantly, it can be so wonderful to observe the process.
Inspired by a photo, I took at the " Baron's Garden ", Zichron Ya'akov, Israel.