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   Fine art by, Nira Dabush - From the Gallery of Artworks :  2008          Colourful Magic
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Series 3 : Emotions
This group of artworks inspired by emotions,  in different ways, using different media to describe the feelings.
The Lovers, framed digitally. Watercolours . 30 CM X 24 CM. 2008
The Lovers. Watercolours . 30 CM X 24 CM. 2008
The Lovers. Watercolours . The same artwork with Gloden ornaments.
30 CM X 24 CM. 2008
Surely this feels like LOVE, to me. Done especially for Valentine's Day - Feb, 14, 08.
Unknown models, inspired by a photo from an exhibition in 1997, Florence.

A moment of LOVE, is captured by my brushes.
Talking about this artwork in two art - sites inspired these words by myself :
" It is as if I know them, I painted them... Perhaps to tell their story, in a way.. MY WAY.
One thing is sure, SHE LOVE HIM... She love him strongly...
He starts this love scene.
Must she at once show great passion to him.. or can she take the time, to feel him getting closer to her...  ?..

I see her as a loving soul... graceful and soft... She will give him love, no less then he gives her... Not only pysical, but menatal as well.
She can't just love  physically without feel his soul... Without hearing him, without listening to him, knowing his emotions by direct words... The second part will be to feel and let him feel physically.
This is one expression of LOVE, the way I myself see love.
Because love, is not only the touch of bodies... it's much more, at least to me.
It's touch of words, no less, the touch of knowing basic things about each other. Respecting each other.
About him... You can see he's getting close to her to feel her love.
Different people has different concepts about how love must be, I guess... people see love in different eyes.
As I see LOVE, The physical expression of love must come after very clear direct expression of love, verbally, in actual words... " ...
A moment of LOVE, is captured by my brushes.
Some people will celebrate Valentine's day... Others in  my country will celebrate TU Be'AV - day of love...
If you love TRULY... You love everyday...
With my LOVE to you... !