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     Fine art by, Nira Dabush - From the Gallery of Artworks :  2008       Colourful Magic
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Series 4 : Dreams
This group of artworks inspired by my dreams.
Reborn of Cleared Contemplation. 36CMX48CM. Watercolour.2008.
Abstraction of a dream, I had - Sep, 2008.
In my dream, I reborn. I'm at the same age of todays.
It seems I have a problem in one of my EyEs...
It can be seen in my dream visually, but I also understood it factually... A nurse is taking care of my eYe, as if cleaning it with cotton-wool, or something similar.  From Minute to minute, my eYe at the dream is being cleared, until my EyE, looks perfectly fine, and also have the ability to sEE correct.
I find this dream as very significant, metaphoric to LIFE processes at times.
When sometimes, there are situation, moments, not understoodable enough....... YET, in the process of living those situation can be cleared, and we may reborn into new concepts, new understanding of our life..
NEW BEGINNINGS... All kinds of...
May we always have the confidence to sEE correct the reality, in a very cleared way and to do best with this fact.