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Fine art by, Nira Dabush - From the Gallery of Artworks :  2008       Colourful Magic
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Series 4 : Dreams
This group of artworks inspired by my dreams.
Sunset Dream of Pink Floral Leafs. Watercolours . 30 CM X 40 CM. 2008
As Pinkish as a Sunset Can Be. Watercolours . 30 CM X 40 CM. 2008
Abstractation of a dream, I had in July, 16, 08.
These parts are like flashes.. or very fast  " pictures " in this atmosphere seen in my paintings.

My dream: I was looking from the window, very near my PC. It was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL sunset, in mostly shades of Pinks...
Some kind of leafs.... many of them were blowing in the wind.
My kids were around ... My son, Saar said to me : "Take the photo of it,will you ? "...
With knowing that the colours of the sunset can be changeable very fast to different shades of colours, and different textures I run to bring my camera...
As I came with my camera , the colours of the sunset were fading away and disappearing very fast to the usual scenery at my window...
AND SO... After I got up from this dream, I knew I must bring my dream to paper with paints, so that I will remember it... And perhaps inspired in few ways.