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     Fine art by, Nira Dabush - From the Gallery of Artworks :  2012          Colourful Magic
Series 5: Watercolour

Seeds of Spring.
Watercolour.. 35CM X 25CM.  2012

If you love someone, let this someone know it directly. Show your love fully. Be loyal to your own heart, be loyal to your feelings.
Respect & honor this person, in everyway. It is possible, it is in your power, to act this way.
If your love for someone is not possible, in reality or any other way..
In order to protect your loved one's soul, don't suggest your love at all to the subject of your love.
If your heart ache with pain of love, don't let a loved one's heart be as painful as yours... THINK..!! There is a possibility that the heart of the one you love, ache even much more.........
Don't full another's heart with impossible love, especially when you know, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE..
Don't plant the "SEEDS OF LOVE" at a loved one's heart, when you know, it is going to develop actually to NOTHING in REALITY.
Pains of love can be unbareble to you, or to the other,
Don't let the other suffer.
Don't play emorional games with one.... Because the consequence has the colours of pain... the colours of wounds of the heart.
When you act, as if love someone, who you know love you.. you actually take advantage of this person and prevent this person know REAL  LOVE.
Whoever you are, YOU CAN BE BIG in your doings fir loved one...
You cab be SMALL in your doings, for someone you pretending to love.
AND.... It does not really matter who you are... Simple or Wise..
Ask yourself why you act "AS IF"
Acting as if loving have a PRICE!
If your intentions are false, don't show any... REMEMBER,You can create illustion,
hope, expectation, longing and eventually hurt other's soul.
Be responsible to the other...

I hope I manage to "TOUCH" those who read me, by my words here and now, and my doings always.
Perhaps my words can change someone's heart...
Surely my experrince in life changed my understanding and ME.
Even more surely I know i'm changing all the time...
Material for thoughts...
YES, Life is a school, and we are pupils in it.... "PUPILS OF LIFE "
Spring considered as the time for love,
May the seeds you'll sow/seed will bloom to ETERNAL LOVE.