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     Fine art by, Nira Dabush - From the Gallery of Artworks :  2009          Colourful Magic
Series 4 : Floral . Inspired by my photography.
Blooming in Water. Watercolour. 24CM X 30CM. 2009.
"The Lotus, a type of  Water Lily. Can be found in many places. It has over the years gained meaning and symbolism - commonly Rebirth and Enlightenment."

"Kwannon, goddess of compassion
Loved and adored goddess
You are as radiant as gold and as
gentle as the moonbeam
The moon is your comapanion
The wind is your friend
Kuan, Shin, Yin, goddess of mercy
One who hears the cries of the world
Remover of sorrow and grief
Patron of mothers and sailors
Protector of young women
Giver of children
Queen of the Isle of P'U T'U
One who floats on a Water - Lily
Bearer of the pearls of illumination
You were once known as
Avalokitesvara God who listen to all prayers in time
of sorrow Kuan Yin, Enlightened One
In the strory you are Miao, Shan, daughter
of king who gave up kingdom for Buddhahood
You asked to stay on earth untill all
Suffering and ended Forsaking your place in heavenly
Words until we are all liberated and
Enlightened Come Bless
Share with us your healing waters, the Water of Life
Teach us Compassion, Mercy and Loving Kindness
Kannon, Kuan Shin Yin, Miao Shan
We welcome you into our hearts
Blessed be. "