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     Fine art by, Nira Dabush - From the Gallery of Artworks :  2009          Colourful Magic
Series 2 : Song for Nature
This group of artworks inspired by my own photography at Spring Time.
Iris at the Field. Watercolour. 35CM X 50CM.2009
A true Story with moral , from my book Chapter number 69
Don't Say - BUT DO!
The days before Christmas, he was walking along the main street of his home town... His beloved woman is in the thoughts of  his heart.
At the entrance of flowers shop, he noticed most wonderful Irises in a decorated box.
When he came back home, an hour later, he send her another love letter, he wrote: " I thought I would buy these Irises for you and send for Christmas..." ... " I love you ..." He added.
It was only the saying, but not really the doing...
Perhaps a virtual thought
She would never say, what she knows she would never really do. And it does not matter, if the thought was virtually or real.